Tarot Sutra:
An Intimate Guide to the Secret
Language of Sex

by Patricia Canova

Published by DK Publishing, October 1, 2000
78 pages Book&cards edition

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Editorial Reviews Book Description: Discover your own unique sensuality profile as you explore the secret language of sex. Tarot Sutra combines the eroticism we experience in the Kama Sutra with the spiritual wisdom of the ancient Tarot. The result is a fascinating, easy-to-use guide to sensual fulfillment. The Sensuality Portraits give insight into personal desire, while the intimate suggestions are aphrodisiacs that can fill many evenings. Or afternoons. Includes book and 78-card tarot deck.

Tarot Sutra is a small window into the vast domain of relationships. Initially it presents the sensual side of relationships, but upon a closer look it also reminds the reader that all relating is happening on at least three other levels simultaneously.

Before one gets to the pleasures of the body, one's reactions are happening on the emotional, psychological and etherial bodies as well.

An example: If your lover is an Earth sign, look up additional information under the King (Capricorn) or Queen (Taurus), Knight (Virgo) of Pentacles, as they represent the Earth people-energies.

Understanding this system, you can eventually discover that the physical level is the last to get the message so to speak. I suggest that once you find your personal card as described under the heading of: HOW TO USE THIS BOOK, read your lover's personal card as well and take a look into their unspoken desires for intimacy.

You may also want to look back on relationships that may have ended with a question mark. contemplate on what your partner may have been trying to or had been afraid to communicate and somehow never quite "got it." Peruse the information and search out the coded signs you may have missed. Or simply learn what was the lack of chemistry.

Finally, the goal of a work like Tarot Sutra is to introduce you to two separate yet interdependent experiences: the sensual and the magical. TarotSutra offers a unique journey into the world of sensual, self-discovery as well as a meeting with the mythic realm of symbols, fable and facts of Tarot.

I invite you to sit back and enjoy. for Tarot is an enormous realm of potential, perspective, perception and mind-shifting. It is an alchemical experience of play in the field of possibilities. - Pattie Canova